Letters of Intent

Lord Havaar Ericsson & Lady Asta Bassadottir

Greetings to the Populace of Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate. We Lord Havaar Ericsson and Lady Asta Bassadottir do at this time announce our intent to be Baron and Baroness of Bryn Gwlad and Lord and Lady of Hellsgate.

We would like to be considered for this position for multiple reasons the most important to us is we truly love this Barony and Stronghold. We have raised our children since they were 4 and 5 with the love and support of the populace of both the Barony and Stronghold. Our lives are truly ingrained in this Barony and Stronghold and we would love to serve them both further as Baron and Baroness.

Lady Asta has served as Exchequer of Hellsgate, was the autocrat of Commanders Crucible 2017,co-autocrat for Commander’s Crucible 2016, has ran multiple silent auctions, water bearing, and lists in support of both Stronghold and Baronial events, and will be continuing service if not chosen to be Baroness by applying to be Hospitaller.

Lord Havaar has served as Hospitaller of Hellsgate, autocrat of the Second Commanders Crucible, created and ran the first Sable Shield Tourney to help Honor those who have served, ran various tournaments, and helped in various aspects when available. He still serves as Seneschal of Hellsgate.

We are completely aware of the responsibilities that come with the title of Baron and Baroness and we are ready to fully commit ourselves to the Barony of Bryn Gwlad and the Stronghold of Hellsgate. We are also very aware of the financial responsibilities involved and stand ready to bear that responsibility.

We have many plans on what we would like to do as Baron and Baroness. We strongly believe that the Barony and the Stronghold could both thrive by working more closely with each other, whether it be through joint War practices, Art and Sciences projects or simply encouraging the youth of the groups to thrive. Both groups participate in several demos annually and we would like to explore what is working and what is not working by having sit downs with the Hospitallers. We look forward to discussing these plans with the populace.

Thank you for your time and consideration in these matters.

Yours in Service to Crown, Kingdom, Barony, and Stronghold,

Lord Havaar Ericsson

MKA Branden Buchmeier

Lady Asta Bassadottir

MKA Michelle Buchmeier

HL Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh & Lady Wentiliana le Chandeler

We humbly wish to inform you of our desire to be considered for the positions of Baron and Baroness of our beloved home, the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.

We did not reach this decision hastily. To gain insight into the duties and responsibilities, we have sought out the advice and knowledge from our mentors, peers, current and previous landed barons and baronesses. Only after much thought and deliberation, we have decided to put forth our names for consideration.

Gavin was introduced to the SCA in 1991 while serving in the US Army and played in two other kingdoms before returning home to Ansteorra. He has held multiple local, regional, and kingdom level offices consecutively (and some concurrently) for the past 21 years including hospitaller, knights marshal, quartermaster, chirurgeon and seneschal, the last two at local regional and kingdom levels . He has been recognized for service at both the local and kingdom level. He has attended 3 Pennsics and the last 14 Gulf Wars and has worked as staff at all levels from co-autocrat to field marshal. He has also worked as autocrat or feastocrat at multiple local and kingdom events over the years.

Wentiliana first heard about the SCA during college and then a dozen years later in 2011, when she discovered Bryn Gwlad archery practice was meeting at the same time and place as her scout troop. The first event she attended was Shadowlands Fall Ball in January 2012 and has since jumped in with both feet. During the last 5 ½ years, she has become an active member of the barony and kingdom in the archery, equestrian, dance, and service communities. She has served as both local and deputy archery marshal and is the current deputy seneschal for Bryn Gwlad. Wentiliana has attended events in every region in the kingdom and volunteered at the last 4 Gulf Wars and Pennsic. For her service, she has been awarded the Award of Arms, Cross Fleury, Order of the Dreigiau Bryn, Golden Martlet, Golden Star of Ansteorra, and Sable Crane.

Mundanely, we have over thirty years of combined experience working in public service. Both of us are certified in emergency management, have had supervisory training and experience. We are both financially stable and vested in our current careers. Our work schedules are standard full-time, Monday through Friday with flexible hours and holidays. Additionally, our employers provide us with generous amounts of vacation time allowing us to be available to attend demos, wars, and travel to events. For example over the last year we attended over 20 events and 3 wars.

Our initial reason for participating in the SCA was a temporary escape from mundanity and a retreat from technology. Our day-to-day workings are inundated with computers, so having any time away from that environment is rejuvenating. However, it has become so much more. It is a place for us to follow our dreams, of chivalry, love and kindness to others, and a way to have even a small glimpse into the history we so love. It also gives us an outlet to pursue skills one can’t acquire in the normal world; marshal, archery, equestrian, and many other forms of art are all within our grasp. It has offered introduction to those we would now call family and friend. The relationships we have built while playing this game are the ones we hold most dear. For years, our focus has been and will continue to be service. We do this not for the accolades or recognition but to give back to not just a game but a society we believe in and want to see grow. So, we will continue finding new things in this game to challenge ourselves, have fun, and help others with the knowledge we have gained.

If selected, we plan to focus on increasing participation, unity, and involvement for newcomers and seasoned members alike. We would like to start a mentoring program in the barony and have our entourage and baronial guard consist primarily of the new players, so they may learn our ways, feel included, and have a sense purpose. We want to improve communication, especially to provide details and promotion of events, including re-establishing pre-war organizational meetings for planning and to bolster attendance. We want to improve our baronial encampment at wars with new banners and decorations to foster group identity and unity. In order to increase attendance at business meetings, we want to evaluate the possibility of moving the meetings to a more centralized location. We will support our officers, martial activities, and guilds. We want to encourage development and growth of knowledge, skills, and interests. Above all, Make it Fun!

This is what we do. Whether we are fighting or marshaling, shooting archery, dancing, riding horses, working gate, serving feast, running an event, teaching, cheering on and supporting our friends and chosen family; This is us, living the dream.

In humble service to Crown, Kingdom, and Barony,

HL Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh and Lady Wentiliana le Chandeler