Music Guild

Greetings Early Musicians!


Welcome to the fine Barony of Bryn Gwlad and our fine music guild! We welcome all levels of performance ability, and strive to improve our playing and repertoire to serve and entertain our Barony and the grand Kingdom of Ansteorra. Our music guild is a friendly group dedicated to exploring early music of all types. We love playing for our dancers as well as ensemble playing. We use a wide range of instruments, including vielle, rebec, recorders, harp, hurdy-gurdy, crumhorn, cello, gemshorn, percussion, cittern, gamba, and lute.

The Guild owns a large collection of sheet music (over 500 pieces), and at our unscripted "fests" we read from these. Performance pieces are most often selected from this collection, and possibly edited for presentation. Sheet music is available for the small expense of photocopying, or free, depending on the volume.

If you're interested in joining in we would love to have you. Even if you're new to early music, please come and join us, we love to help people enjoy music! We also have set up a Yahoo group where we can discuss musical topics, share photos, ask questions, and organize to get together and play some tunes. Please Send Gaston email email me if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!

Regular guild meetings are held the second and fourth Sundays of the month, in various locations including the Wells Branch MUD Recreation Center at 3000 Shoreline Drive, members' homes, etc. Please check the Yahoo Group for more details on meeting dates and times. Please check the Yahoo Group to ensure that practice has not been rescheduled or cancelled.

In Service,
Cecilia Stewart
Music Guild Principal