Candlemas - Rebirth and Renewal


    Georgetown Community Center
    445 E. Morrow St. Georgetown, TX 78626


    Arts and Sciences Championship

    Artisans of Ansteorra, Their Halberd Excellencies will be selecting their new A&S Champion in a few short weeks at Candlemas.

    With Kingdom A&S following shortly, this is one of the last opportunities you have to get your work seen by judges, to garner feedback, and make corrections before then.

    Bring your current project, meet with Laurels, Irises, and other artisans to discuss your work and perhaps, if favor smiles upon you, you may leave as the new Champion of Bryn Gwlad.

    Bardic Championship

    Come gather, ye singers and tellers of tales, bards of renown and minstrels obscure, for an afternoon of fine music and stories. The prize is the Titled Bard of Bryn Gwlad, a crown of glory and distinction in the bardic arts.

    To honor Candlemas and acknowledge the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, this year’s theme centers around flames and fertility, and the presentation of youth to the temple.

    Prepare more than one piece!

    Cut and Thrust Championship

    Bryn Gwlad will name its first Cut and Thrust Champion at Candlemas, a tournament will be hosted during the day to find that the practitioner worth of the title.. Below is the initial format for the Tournament (there may be minor tweaks between now and the day of, but the overall approach and theme are firm).

    Format will be as follows:

    - Round Robin or pools based on number of fighters

    - 2 to 3 fields will be made available

    Allowed Weapons and formats:

    - 38” (or shorter) Spada, Sidesword, Arming Sword, Backsword (rapier guards are allowed for protection but blades must be the equivalent of Darkwood Spada’s or heavier)

    - Two-handed longswords

    Allowed fighting forms:

    - Single sword

    - Sword and Buckler

    - Sword and Cloak

    - Sword and Dagger

    - Two-handed Longsword

    Fighter will be required to name the source for there fighting style for both single-sword and two hands when signing in (if they plan to use the same weapon all day they can just sign in 1 school)

    Examples are (but not limited to):

    German Longsword, Italian Longsword, Bolognese, I.33, Dardi School, Bolognese Sidesword, Destreze, German or Italian Longsword, Mayers/DiGrassi/Silver

    On Fighting and Judging:

    - Each pairing will fight 2 passes

    - A fighter ending a fight but not killing their opponent will receive ½ point: blows to the legs, taking both arms

    - Killing blows will receive 1 point: heads, torso, kill zone of inner thigh

    - Point will be given to the fighter who demonstrated the best use of period technique regardless of outcome

    Example Outcomes:

    - Fighter A arms Fighter B in the more period technique: 1.5 points to fighter A

    - Fighter A snipes both of fighter B’s arms but never uses any period form: .5 points to Fighter A, 1 point to Fighter B

    - Fighter A Strikes Fighter B with perfectly period form: 2 points to fighter A

    Judges will not be judging blow calling, only technique used so standard SCA rules for blow calling apply.

    On Outcomes and Finals:

    - If the format is Round Robin, then at the end the fighter with the most points will win.

    - If the outcome is pools then the top 1 or 2 from each pool (depending on number of pools and size of pools) will fight in a round robin (new scoring)

    - If there is a tie in the “finals round robin” then the tie fighters will fight a minimum of 2 passes, continuing to fight until a single fighter has at least a 1 point lead.

    Please direct any questions regarding the format to Don Martin Malone

    Brewing Competition

    As this event focuses on one's persona, so will this competition. Here are the rules.

    - You may enter as many of any style of brew (beer, wine, cordial/liqueur) you like, which will be judged by standard Interkingdom Brewing Guild Rules. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be accepted (root or ginger beer, sekanjabin, etc). Your brew must be labeled (with an ingredient list), be in a bottle appropriate for the beverage, and in a quantity large enough for at least 4 judges to get a good taste of what you made.

    HOWEVER, there will be one major difference between IKBG rules and this competition.

    - In addition to your brew, you MUST provide a specific form of documentation in addition to the standard IKBG rules. This documentation MUST take the form of a story, poem, etc that relates the brew to your persona. For example, if your persona is late period Italian and you offer an amaretto, you could enter a story of how you came to know of amaretto and how you came to brew it. If you are entering multiple brews, documentation is required for EACH one.

    - Your brew does NOT have to be period or even period appropriate for your persona, although extra points will be given if it is, just make sure you show proof in your documentation that it is. If your persona is Viking and you wish to enter a cordial, that is perfectly OK as long as your story (fantastical is absolutely fine!) explains why a viking is making a cordial. Please write your documentation from the point of view of your persona.

    - Points will be given for the brew itself as per the standard IKBG Judging forms as well as points given for the documentation provided. Any brew that is missing documentation will still be scored, but will not be eligible to win the competition. The creator of the brew with the most points, wins!

    Please see this page for typical standards and forms. Please provide a prefilled form with each brew you offer.

    Note: This is NOT an official IKBG competition and anything you offer will NOT be recorded in their database. We are merely using their format.


    • Site Open for Setup Only

      7:00 AM

    • Gate Open and Site Open for Populace

      8:00 AM

    • Morning Court

      9:00 AM

    • Cut and Thrust Championship Tournament

      Directly after morning court.

    • Arts and Sciences Championship Entries Setup

      Setup after morning court and ready by 10:00 AM

    • Artisan Enclave Open

      Opens after morning court

    • Class Slot 1

      10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    • Class Slot 2

      11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    • Nobles Luncheon

      12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    • Bryn Gwlad Gulf Wars Planning Meeting

      12:30 PM - 1:00PM

    • Princess Tea

      1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

    • Class Slot 3

      1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

    • Brewing Competition

      1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    • White Scarf Circle

      2:00 PM

      Or at TRM discretion

    • Class Slot 4

      2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    • Bardic Championship

      3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

      In the Courtyard, weather permitting

    • Class Slot 5

      3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • Pick Up Arts and Sciences Entries

      4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

    • Artisan Enclave Closes

      4:30 PM

    • Reset hall for Court and Feast

      4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

    • Feast and Dancing

      5:30 PM

    • Evening Court

      8:00 PM

    • Site Closes

      11:00 PM


    • Course 1: Decorated eggs and Erbolate (herbed egg custard)
    • Course 2: Bruet of Lombardy (chicken soup) and bread
    • Course 3: Roast Pork served with Galantine sauce and Lombard mustard; Roasted Carrots; Ryse of Flessh (rice cooked with broth and almond milk)
    • Dessert: Wafers, nuts, and dried fruits

    For reservations, email Reservations.

    For questions regarding ingredients or allergies, email Teresa Gregory.

    Feast is $12 with seating is limited to 150. Reservations will assure your seat, payments will be taken at gate.

    Reservations will close at Thursday Feb 1st, at midnight, so that we can print the reservation list for gate. Any unreserved feasts will be available at gate; I'll update this group as we get closer to the limit. A waiting list will also be created in the event that feast reservations fill up.