The Triumph of Marcus Aurelious

The Barony of Bryn Gwlad Invites You to the Celebration of our 40th Anniversary!

Bryn Gwlad's 40th anniversary will be held September 6-8. Site will open on Friday at 5PM and close Sunday at 2PM

The year is 176. Marcus Aurelious has just defeated the Marcomanni tribe of Germania after they invaded Roman provinces on the Danube.  The celebration will include Chivalric and Rapier fighting throughout the day, archery, games, classes, equestrian activities and a Nobles Luncheon that will be opened to all (after the Nobles get their kibbles). There will also be a Wise Hermit who, Saturday evening, will discuss a wide range of topics, and fighting with betting under torch light at night!

For the Artisans and the Merchants, we will be setting up a Forum for all to see the wonders of your creations, and the wares that you bring from around the Known World!

The feast will be Roman, as will the Luncheon

To be granted the Triumph, Marcus must gain the approval of the “Senate” to enter Rome as the Triumphator.

And as usual, the Baronial Chivalric and Light champions will be determined on Sunday morning.


Burnet Community Center
401 E Jackson St, Burnet TX 78611

No alcohol before 4PM. Flames in containers only.

The map below shows dedicated parking lots in green to the east and northeast of the site, overflow parking in yellow north of the site and at the US Post Office, and the available fields to the west and south of the site. Please note that the Austin Steam Train Association Hill Country Flyer route will be stopping for a two-hour lunch intermission at the nearby depot. No doubt we will have the opportunity to chat with interested riders!


As there is no camping available at this event, we will gather information about local hotels for your convenience, should you wish to stay in Burnet after a night of festivities.


If you have any questions or have Special needs, feel free to contact the following

Event Steward
Vilhjalmr Thursasprenger
(William Willett)
Tel: 817-291-2545

Event Steward
Ronan Fionn O'Dubain
(Robert Cuthbert)
Tel: 903-808-0541

Feast Steward
Solmunder Mac An Ghabhann
(Ryan DeaKyne)

Merchant Coordinator
Kassandra de Haas
(Caitlyn Porterfield)


Cut and Thrust

The Bryn Gwlad Cut and Thrust Championship will be hosted by Don Isaac von Basel, and will be a judged pool tourney, with points awarded for staying true to a period format. Field heralding of the fighters is highly encouraged - if you would like to herald fighters, please contact the Bryn Gwlad Rapier Marshal online or approach Don Isaac or the acting Rapier Marshal, Master John Drake, on the day of.

Armor inspections will begin at 9am. The tournament will begin at 10am, following morning court. The finals will be held in conjunction with the Bardic Championship finals, as is appropriate for Elizabethan entertainment!

Arts and Sciences

Sir Maelgwyn Dda will host the Bryn Gwlad Arts and Science competition.

Bryn Gwlad’s Candlemas celebration will include a competition to display the finest works of our artisans, to give them valuable critiques as they prepare for Kingdom Arts and Sciences, and to allow Their Halberd Excellencies to select an Arts and Sciences champion for the coming year.

This year the competition will include two tracks. Each entrant can choose to compete in one or the other or both. The first track will use the standard Ansteorran judging form. The second track will use a modified version of the form for work that is optimized for practical use within the SCA while maintaining an authentic appearance. Both tracks will reward complete documentation that explains the reasons for any choices made. For example, if you made two carved and painted wooden boxes with quilted padded liners but one was lined with leather over quilted wool roving and the other was lined with washable vinyl over foam insulation to serve as a food cooler for events, the first would receive a better score on the standard track while the second would score better on the practical track.

Set-up for the competition will begin at 9 AM with judging to begin at 11 AM. All entries must be collected between 1 and 2 PM. Judging forms will be provided to all entrants.


The Bryn Gwlad Bardic Championship will be hosted this year by Lady Synriðr of Bryn Gwlad.

The tournament will begin at 1:30pm, and the finals will be held in conjunction with the Cut and Thrust Championship finals, as is appropriate for Elizabethan entertainment!


This year's Bryn Gwlad Brewing Competition will be hosted by Laird Hextilda.

Turning Water into wine
Takes grapes, yeast, and a little time
But what of drinks without potency?
Submit your best and we shall see.

Come take part in the Bryn Gwlad Brewing Competition. This year’s theme is nonalcoholic. Please bring your best alcohol-free brews for judging. Some places to start would be sekanjabin, tinctures, tisanes, infusions, homemade grenadine, rose syrups, apple drinks, etc. Points will be given for historical accuracy in both drink and presentation. Documentation encouraged but not required. Even if you’ve never brewed before, this is your chance to try something new without spending six months on it.

UNDER-21s: That’s right, if you are under 21, you can compete in a separate category! We’ll do a group sampling and co-judging (that is, all the under-21s who compete will collectively decide who wins) and declare a junior winner.

Set-up for the competition will begin at 9 AM with judging to begin at 11 AM. All entries must be collected between 1 and 2 PM.


  • Site Opens

    9:00 AM

  • Gate Opens

    9:00 AM

  • A&S / Competition Setup

    9:00 AM

    The Arts and Sciences Championship

    Brewing Competition

  • Armor Inspection for Cut & Thrust

    9:00 AM

  • Morning Court

    9:30 AM

  • Classes Begin

    10:00 AM

  • Cut & Thrust Tournament Begins

    10:00 AM

  • Judging for A&S Championship and Brewing Competition Begins

    11:00 AM

  • Sideboard Luncheon

    12:00 PM

  • A&S/Brewing Championships End

    1:00 PM

    Pick up items from A&S Championship and Brewing Competition.

  • Bardic Competition Begins

    1:30 PM

  • White Scarf Circle Begins

    2:00 PM

  • Cut & Thrust and Bardic Finals

    4:30 PM

  • Hall Transition

    4:30 PM

  • Feast / Grand Ball

    5:00 PM

  • Evening Court

    8:00 PM

  • Site Closes / Cleanup

    10:00 PM


A luncheon for the populous will be provided, perhaps showcasing some delicacies from the New World... Details are forthcoming.

Join us for a feast to delight the senses! Our feast steward, Lord Tuathal O'Sheils, is preparing a menu for all interested revelers to enjoy. We desire to accommodate all comers possible, so please use the form below to notify us of your allergens by December 31st and we will do our best to accommodate.

Please, no alcohol before 4PM. Flames in containers only.

Course the First
Spanish fritters three ways, served with a trio of sauces
Course the Second
A herbed fish stew and a winter green and herb salad served with citrus fruit and a quince vinaigrette
Course the Third
Savory roscon de reyes, a stuffed pastry
Course the Fourth
Roasted beef and fowl served with a medley of root vegetables
Course the Fifth
Flaming plum pudding

Contact the Feast Steward about dietary restrictions.

Reserve your feast here. $10 feast fee to be collected at site.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye! (There is still room for your class if you want to teach at Candlemas!)

Candlemas this year has space for 16 regular classes and up to 4 dance classes! These are hour-long classes (with 15 minutes for set up and break down). You may request, however, to teach a 2 hour slot.

Our Class Theme: Things of the 16th Century

Anything from the time period of Elizabeth is greatly encouraged - from jewelry making, to fiber arts, to garb making, to history, we are excited to see options available for our event goers!

Please state if you would prefer a Morning (10), Mid-Morning (11), Afternoon (1), or Teatime (2) slot and specify if you are teaching a 1 hour class or 2 hour class.

Each class will be provided a table and chairs.

If you have any questions, please email the class coordinator, Emma de Davyntre.

Class Signup Sheet